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How about playing soccer with your robot?

4th June, 2015
A Robot That Can Play Soccer
A soccer robot that can move forward, reverse, forward-left, forward-right, reverse-left and reverse-right with the help of an Android phone. The robot also kicks a ball when the phone is shaken.

Circuit of the Day
Mini Offline UPS:
Here is a circuit of an offline UPS, which a hobbyist can make at a reasonable cost.

Video of the Day

Electronics Basics: Coils/Inductors :
This video will explain why coils/inductors are so important in different DC circuits. 
Job of the Day
Engineer - IC Design :
Engineer - IC Design Job at Broadcom.
Interview of the Day

Technology selection is not a one-time decision, It is a decision made for every product:
Industrial Talk with Sunit Rikhi.
Discussion of the Day

Different Ways to make electronic components waterproff 
Great discussion on this topic.
DIY Projects you can't Ignore to Make
RF-based Dual-mode Robot
Here is a dual-mode robot that can be operated manually using an RF-based remote control and can also move automatically avoiding all the obstacles. 

 Read Now 
Gesture-Controlled Robot
Kinect is a motion-sensing and speech recognition device developed by Microsoft for Xbox 360 video game console. The main idea was to be able to use a gaming console without any kind of controller.
This project uses Kinect technology to capture, process and interpret human gestures for controlling the motion of a robot.

Searching Training Institutes In India?
Could not find the right Electronics training Institute? Don't search the old school way
Various Ways to Construct a Robocar
Robocar With Wireless Steering
A robot that can be steered in any direction just like you drive your car. Wireless steering senses the motion and transmits corresponding instruction to control the robot through RF communication. The robot also has an obstacle detection and avoidance system implemented. 

AT89C52-Based RoboCar
A car robot-Robocar-which uses a microcontroller to detect obstacles and manipulate its direction as per the inputs from three infra-red (IR) sensors mounted in front of the Robocar. 

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