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UltraCMOS digital step attenuator

Peregrine Semiconductor announced the PE43204 2-bit UltraCMOS digital step attenuator (DSA), which is suited for 4G Tx/Rx applications such as cellular base stations and remote radio heads where a DSA is required to adjust the power level.

In diversity Rx applications the PE43204 protects the receive path and prevents overdriving the A/D converter. The company said it delivers high linearity over temperature and frequency, and is capable of an 18 dB attenuation range in 6 dB and 12dB steps. It also has a typical switching time of 26ns with attenuation accuracy of +0.2dB across an operating range of DC – 3GHz.
The PE43204 DSA is biased from a 3V supply with power supply current of 8µA typical. The device also features parallel control interface programming logic and low insertion loss of 0.6 dB typical, as well as an ESD tolerance of 2.0 kV HBM.