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How to create a good War Base

Fine tuning

Last step I took all the storages outside and instead out some Cannons inside – I don’t want to completly took all defenses inside as some outside defenses are very important to funnel enemy troops. For example the Cannon on the northern side of my base is used to attract Hog Riders who will really suffer when meeting the Giant Bombs next to it. Also the two Cannons on the southern side are important to get Giants into my Spring Traps. The intention is to not give Hog Rider Attacks a clear path to the center of my base and still make them go around a little bit.
Clash of Clans improve War base layout fine tuning e1400755123310 How to create a good War Base

Attracting the selfish people

Clan War is teamwork but there are still so many selfish people and Town Hall snipers around I somehow want to attract so I put the Dark Elixir Storage completely outside and hope one of them cannot resist on attacking with the intention to get the resources instead of getting 3 stars out of the attack – like mentioned before I don’t have to care about the resources. Instead of that I put my Mortar inside to have a crazy splash damage area inside if someone really pushed hard against my base.
Clash of Clans improve War base layout trapping snipers e1400754899794 How to create a good War Base