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Electronics For You's 10 articles inside!

Electronics For You's 10 articles inside!

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Posted: 10 Aug 2014 10:57 PM PDT

 Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.40.37 pm

‘Electronics Rocks’ is an engineering community-supported event, that aims to create India’s most exciting platform for everyone interested in technology and electronics design.

This event will feature keynotes, star speakers, technical tracks, workshops, expo, innovation demos, community meet ups and even a hackathon.  EFY’s Electronics Rocks 2014 is committed to grow and become the #1 platform for Indian design engineers and makers.

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Exhibitors and Sponsors


Q. What’s this event about?

A. This event (Electronics Rocks) aims to create an exciting platform for Electronics Design Engineers. Over 50 speakers that include industry thought leaders and stalwarts, will speak about amazing cutting-edge trends in technology, and on how they solved the challenges that they faced while implementing completely new projects on the Internet of Things.

Our aim is to help engineers reduce design time and complexity by using cutting edge design ideas, electronics design tools and solutions.

We also aim to help futurists and makers get started with inter-disciplinary tinkering in electronics, as well as creating a platform for them to showcase commercial Indian designs.


Q. What are the key elements of Electronics Rocks in 2014?

A. The key elements of Electronics Rocks in 2014 will be on certain topics that we have decided based on feedback from the 1300+ engineers who had attended the previous iteration — Electronics Rocks 2013. This year we will be focusing on:

  • Challenges and Solutions for Internet of Things
  • Open Hardware Design
  • Designing for Aerospace
  • Designing for Automotive
  • Designing for Medical
  • 3D Printing and Desktop SMT
  • Indian Innovations
  • Hands-on Workshops
Q. Will the entry for delegates be free or paid?

A. There will be free passes, as well as paid passes. The FREE passes will have access limited to certain tracks and the expo.


Q. How many types of passes will be there?

A. There will be 3 levels of passes. They are:

1) Expo Pass

• Cost: Free
• EXPO Access: Yes
• Conference Access: Only to one conference hall (Hall A)
• Workshop Access: No
• Certificate of Attendance: No
• Reservation: No
• Lunch: No
• Videos: No

2) Bronze Pass

• Cost: Available for Free only to first 500 registrants. Will be priced at Rs. 500 thereafter.
• EXPO Access: Yes
• Conference Access: Yes. ALL Conference Halls (Hall A, Hall B, Hall C)
• Workshop Access: No
• Certificate of Attendance: No
• Reservation: No
• Lunch: No
• Videos: No

3) GOLD Pass (best offer!)

• Cost: Rs. 2000
• EXPO Access: Yes
• Conference Access: Yes. ALL Conference Halls (Hall A, Hall B, Hall C)
• Workshop Access: Yes. Reserved seats For Two Workshops, Access to others if seats are available (first come, first serve)
• Certificate of Attendance: Yes. Directly handed over at the venue on October 11th
• Reservation: Yes. Assured seating in front rows for conference
• Lunch: Yes. Lunch will be provided at venue
• Videos: Yes. Online access to all conference sessions
Q. Why should my firm be an exhibitor or a sponsor of this event?

A. Since the main target audience of this event are electronics design engineers, only those organisations and brands who wants to engage with this unique audience segment should come in as an exhibitor or a sponsor. Some of the reasons for participation can be: :

1. Want to promote a new technology or a product segment amongst the electronics design engineering community

2. Want to demonstrate a new product or application amongst this community

3. Want to strengthen one's brand as the employer of choice amongst this community

4. Want to interact with this community and get feedback on certain products or initiatives

5. Want to demonstrate innovative projects or applications plausible using your products or solutions


Q. What is going to be EFY’s strategy to ensure that the content of the conference is going to be relevant?

A. At EFY, we follow a simple principle when it comes to selecting content for events — customers prefer listening to experiences and best practices of other customers rather than vendors. Hence, the majority of our speakers are from the Design Community itself. Plus, we work closely with our sponsors to ensure that their speakers also present a generic picture. Lastly, we ensure that full transparency is maintained with attendees so that they can make informed decisions when it comes to selecting sessions and speakers they intend to listen to.


Q. What are the types of opportunities for organisations or brands to engage with the Electronics Design Engineer Community?

A. While customised solutions can be developed depending on the marketing needs, the following standard options exist for:

* Sponsorships

* Exhibitor booths for brands & organisations

* Exhibitor booths for recruiters

* Demo tables for Innovators

* Surveys/Database Collection

* Distribution of marketing collateral or give-aways

* Dedicated seminars or workshops by brands

* Product Launch / Demo Sessions by brands

Please get in touch with us at dilin.anand@efyindia.com for more sponsorship details

Q. What do we do if we want to do a bulk/group registration? Are there special rates for bulk bookings?

A. Yes, there are discounts for Bulk Bookings (listed below). You are requested to contact us at erocks@efyindia.com or speak to Mr. Arun Singh at 08800-094213.

Discount Structure for Bulk Bookings

3 to 5 passes:              5% discount

6 to 10 passes:            10% discount

11 to 20 passes:          15% discount

21 or more:                 20% discount


Q. Is there any discount for academicians?

A. We have a flat 50% discount for academicians, because we believe that when we update one academician, we in turn update hundreds of students who are taught by the academician. Plus, if the academicians come in a group, then they can benefit from the Bulk Booking discounts too. We have NO special discounts for students.


Q. Is this event useful for students?

Yes and no. This event is useful for only those students who have a high interest in electronics, and want to pursue their career in this fast growing field.

Students might want to check out the workshops at the event. You can find a list of all the workshops at the MasterClass page.


Q. Is there any electronics body (i.e., Clik,ISA) joining hands with you?

Yes, most leading electronics associations are expected to support this event.


Q. Do you sponsor the speakers (i.e., whether EFY will take care of the to-fro charges)?

We do not sponsor speakers, but can provide accommodation in Bangalore.


Exhibitors & Sponsors:


Q. What kind of workshops will be featured at the event?

There will be 3 workshops at the event per day, each capable of enlightening 25 engineers at a time.


Q. Can my company hold a seminar at the event?

Yes, of course. First, you need to come in as an exhibitor, and then book a seminar slot (in multiples of 30 minutes). Once done, your seminar details will be shared on our website so that the audience can register it.


Q. Can we do a product launch at the event?

Sure. The process is the similar to that for the seminar – instead of a seminar slot, you would be booking a Product launch slot.


Q. What are the different engagement and marketing opportunities available? 

  • Standard engagement opportunities like exposition booths and sponsorships are available for brands wanting to engage with the audience.
  • Innovative marketing opportunities like surveys, on-the-spot contests, product launches, brand-centric workshops, brand-centric seminars, press conference, etc, can also be customised as per your marketing goals and budgets.

You are requested to contact us at erocks@efyindia.com or speak to Mr. Arun Singh at 08800-094213.


Q. Can you shed some light on the “innovative branding opportunities” mentioned for exhibitors and sponsors?

These refer to the creative on-the-spot activities like Surveys, Contests, Innovative branding, etc. EFY will help you with these engagement activities by:

1. Allowing you to do activities at different locations of the venue i.e. your staff can move around and conduct the surveys or contests.

2. Help publicise these activities by announcing them during breaks between sessions

3. Help publicise the brand by mentioning them in the event guide


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Need a great design house to create a best-selling product?

Posted: 06 Aug 2014 11:47 PM PDT

Electronics Rocks ’14 (eRocks) is the perfect platform to find the best electronics design houses to design and develop your next best-selling product.

eRocks is a magnet for India’s best design houses to come together, as they speak about their latest and greatest designs. Demonstrations and presentations of some truly innovative products is what defines this conference, right from Day 1. Growing to be India’s most popular platform for electronics design, visitors are able to experience live demonstrations of innovative applications and the latest of technologies.

What does this give you? OEMs and manufacturers get a an awesome opportunity to pick the choicest of design houses, to design what could very well be the upcoming hottest selling product in the market.

Interested? Contact us here.

Are you a design house who got left out from Electronics Rocks 2014? You can get in touch with Neeta Vadhvani, DGM (+91 8800-094210) for events at Electronics Rocks 2014 to ensure you get a spot.

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Become Our Community Partners For ZERO Cost!

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 11:13 PM PDT

Community Partners

If you belong to a design house or an engineering firm, here’s an opportunity for your firm to team-up with EFY’s Electronics Rocks conference, as a Community Partner. This is also a ZERO cost opportunity for your brand or company.

By being a Community Partner, you will be able to enhance your brand’s popularity through EFY Publications, websites and visitors at the event. Your brand will be featured in promotional material for the event, through both print and digital media. It will also enable all employees of your firm to get 20% discount on gold pass.


What do we need in return?


i) Permission to do a registration drive for one day on premises
ii) Total of three emails sent across employees
iii) Posters on key notice boards that you decide

All the above will be handled by our own team, so we only require the approval from your side for the three points mentioned above.

For more information mail to us at erocks@efy.in

About Electronics Rocks 2014
Following the runaway success of Electronics Rocks 2013, our team is setting up the 2014 edition of this engineering community-driven event at Bengaluru. The two day event's content attracted great reviews last year, for its fresh take on the traditional electronics engineering conference. Last year's event, attended by over 1400 delegates overwhelmed us on many levels as it was twice the number of our expected engineering audience.

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Convince Your Manager, Get Discounts

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 10:48 PM PDT

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.47.42 pm



Want a HUGE discount?   Use the Promocode: ‘EROCKSU25′ after selecting Gold Pass.

Register Today!


Do you know that attending eRocks is not only an investment for your personal skills but it will also help you in professional development.

What we are trying to say here is how about demonstrating this concept to your manager and persuading him to let your whole team attend this amazing carnival of design engineering professionals. Build contacts, develop skills, learn the hottest trends, add value to your employer!

So show the top 5 benefits of attending eRocks 2014 to your manager and get awesome deals!

Letter to your employer (Sample)

1. Intensive sessions from the industry’s best speakers
Our speakers are a combination of experienced industry leaders, high-value engineers and founder-innovators driven by a passion for technology and engineering.

  • Get to know the latest cutting-edge technology from the folks who developed it
  • Absorb the energy and drive from the pros — get better at what you do
  • Take away skills that you can apply to your work straight away!

2. Amazing Networking Benefits
The eRocks conference will enable your team to network with 1000s of new potential customers, vendors and professionals in the electronics industry

  • Team learns to sense the pulse of what’s happening in tools, technologies and customer requirements.
  • Get connected with our lineup of speakers, some of the most valuable people in the electronics industry
  • Hear ideas that your team weren’t even aware of!

3. Team Building was never this cool!
This conference will expose your team to extreme learning, to create a tighter knit and superbly efficient team.

  • Team members discuss new technologies, tools and processes with advice from the best in the industry.
  • Discussions on how to apply them back in the company to improve your products, performance and results.
  • Be part of an epic hackathon on the second day — tens of thousands of rupees up for grabs!

4. Enhance Innovation
Want to design an innovative product for the market place? This is the conference for you.

  • Learn from the founders of some of the latest successfully funded start-ups
  • Attend workshops, get taught on creating prototypes from Five popular dev boards
  • Don’t just dream — be a do’er and learn to get those dreams come alive!

5. Opportunity to join the experts community!
Every attendee at Electronics Rocks ’14 can apply to be invited to the EFY Experts Community.

  • Members get to be featured in future articles in EFY magazine and electronicsforu.com
  • Get opportunity to demonstrate innovative products at EFY’s exhibitions and conferences
  • Can utilise the extensive network of members to get connected with key industry players, even after the conference!

This is one conference which pays for itself!

If this isn’t enough, we are giving bulk discounts to the those who convince their HoD to let the whole department attend. If you have convinced your manager or HoD, write to erocks@efy.in for amazing discounts - ‘cuz you earned it!

Discount Structure for Bulk Bookings

3 to 5 passes:              5% discount

6 to 10 passes:            10% discount

11 to 20 passes:          15% discount

21 or more:                 20% discount


Do you belong to a design house or engineering firm?

You can still get 20% discount plus awesome benefits by becoming our community partners. Know how.



What the %^&* is eRocks Video
Letter to your employer (Sample)
eRocks 2014, show guide PDF

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Speakers (Updating)

Posted: 30 May 2014 10:52 PM PDT



Jim Hosea Ravi batchu Santosh Rajesh sri Untitled-5-Recovered Syam sastry Satya Viral Ravi Akaash chin Shanmu s karamachi anil kavitha peter Mukesh samarth Sahil4 nite nitin Prasad Anuj Subh

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Posted: 22 May 2014 03:53 AM PDT

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Benefits of Passes

Posted: 22 May 2014 03:04 AM PDT

eRocks_2014_logo-2.jpg pass


Gold Pass (Rs. 2000)

1. Access to Expo, and all tracks and sessions in the conference.
2. Reservation for two workshops, and access to all other workshops.
3. Online access to all conference sessions videos post conference.
4. Complimentary buffet lunch served.
5. Certificate of attendance directly handed over at the venue on October 11th.

Bronze Pass (Rs. 500)

1. Access to expo floor (both days)
2. Access to all conference sessions (Hall A, B and C) (both days)

Expo Pass (FREE)

1. Access to the expo (both days)
2. Access to one conference hall i.e. Hall A.

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Sessions (Updating)

Posted: 21 May 2014 06:08 AM PDT

Here’s a glimpse at what you will be hearing in the sessions of Electronics Rocks 2014. Stay tuned for the updates, we are coming up with many more!

=> View a bird’s eye view of the schedule here <=

Click to jump to sections:

opendesign RAPIDprototyping MASTERCLASS DESIGNOW jugaad iot

Open Design

Interact with industry stalwarts voicing opinions on where we are headed, and what you should be gearing up for..

Coolest Applications on the Coolest Boards

A talk that compares popular development boards focusing which applications each are best at: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, RIoT, Galileo, Gooseberry, UDOO, etc.

PixHawk Fire : Open source autopilot for drones on Linux

Start with a test run as we check out some maneouvers, and then go over its development process, among other things like applications and openness.

A Maker’s Guide To The Raspberry Pi

Learn what a RPi can be used for, and what makers/hobbyists are doing with it…

Open source for automation and robotics in industrial sector

Giving the basics of the open architecture for industrial /consumer robotics and automation and see demos explaining the working nature of the protocols and RTOS for the robotics.

Using e-scrap and Android AppInventor for Rapid Prototyping

This session is for those students and electronics enthusiasts are willing to design Industry level product but don’t have much of core electronics knowledge.

Futuristic world with Microsoft Kinect V2, Leap Motion & other sensors

Imagine a world where – You can control your home appliances and connected devices just using smartphones or a smartwatch…


Low Cost Rapid Prototyping for Indian Situations

Aakash, the founder of Aha 3D will share his experiences while working on adapting a sophisticated technology like 3D Printing for Indian context.


Workshops on building stuff or teaching innovative embedded system design processes.

Automate your coffee brewing with Arduino and Android

The goal : To automate your coffee brewing in the morning. What will you need : Android Phone Arduino Board ( Uno /Mega ) Bluetooth module What will you learn with this…

Let’s Get Started With 3D Printers

A workshop on getting started with 3D Printers, the software needed, how to create mechanical designs, and more hands-on elements for newbies to printing.

Workshop on: Atmel PicoPower technology

The workshop will talk about: Atmel PicoPower technology

Free Workshop: Multiphysics for Design of Electronic Devices

Designing modern electronic devices requires a thorough understanding of the behavior of electric fields, current, and charge in dielectrics and conductive media…

Embedded Software development using Agile methodologies

Today’s embedded systems use the software to provide the user with the required functionality…

Let’s get hands-on with programming an ARM Cortex-M3 (Easy-embedded Community)

Toolchain distribution ( We’ll hand over the toolchain with API, libraries and other build essentials) Understanding a makefile project Writing a simple super loop based bare-metal program…

Getting started with PCB Manufacturing (Easy-embedded Community)

Placement and Layouting of components on PCB, Signal Separation, Design Rule Considerations for better PCB manufacturing, Routing Tips & Tricks and much more…

Getting started with designing your own PCBs (Easy-embedded Community)

Basic Terminology, EDA and avaliable tools, Introduction to DesignSpark, DesignSpark UI and tools, Calculation & Identification parameters, and much more…

Design now

UAV designing by scrap materials

For all the cash strapped people out there, which include most of us, buidling UAVs from scrap material is a very good alternative…

Tah : An Open Platform for Bluetooth Low Energy

Tah is a pair of low cost boards that let you connect smartphones or any other BLE enabled devices to sensors or networks…

The Electrical Switch for the Next generation Smart Homes

In this talk we would like to explain about iRam’s design philosophy “the pervasive computing for smart homes” and our guiding principles to create the next generation electrical switch.

Internet Of Things

Realistic Approach for IoT Implementations: Industry case study

Defining an IoT solution is an art, and it needs diverse set of technology skills complemented with deep domain skills.

IoT Enablement: An Industry Case Study

The talk is about the technical components which are needed for the IoT platform and the challenges faced…

The Future of the Connected Car: Wireless on Wheels

The wireless revolution has created the “Internet of Everything” with billions of devices interconnected via the web.

Internet of Things enabling Health and Wellness

This talk will focus on IoT and its influence on the health and wellness of individuals. The presentation will assimilate various lifestyle applications and how the conglomeration of human factors, technology and data can be useful in health and wellness.

“Sending the Cryptographic Elephant into the eye of the M2M Needle”

Cryptography is applied wherever security is needed. In web enabled banking applications, in transactions with financial implications, in communications whether through wire or wireless.

Design Challenges faced in building products for Internet of Things

Our Organization Emertxe Information Technologies has built products in the Internet of things, mainly in the embedded aspect…

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Book My Booth

Posted: 29 Apr 2014 06:48 AM PDT

Please use the form below, if you are interested in buying a booth or demo space at the Electronics Rocks Conference 2014.

Limited Booths available.
Call Neeta 08800094210 NOW to find out the availability and reserve your booth


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What the $@#& is eRocks?

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 06:16 AM PDT

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