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Android Phone Fans

Android Phone Fans

Latest Humble Bundle offers up DRM-free games for Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux

Posted: 27 May 2014 05:39 PM PDT

Humble Bundle PC and Android 10

It’s that time again. The folks at Humble Bundle are back with their latest release and, as always, your wallet is about to feel a little lighter (but not by much). This time around we have Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10 — a handful of great games you can play on either your Android device, or Windows, Mac, and Linux PC.

You know the story, you pay as much (or as little) as you’d like, just remember a good chunk of the proceeds go to charity. If you donate over the average, you get a few bonus games off the bat, with even more arriving over the next few days. Here’s the current lineup:

Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10

  • Symphony
  • Draw a Stickman: EPIC
  • Galcon Legends w/ Galcon Fusion

Pay more than the average price to unlock:

  • Skulls of the Shogun
  • Fieldrunners 2
  • Breach & Clear

This deal wont last forever, so don’t mull over too long. Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10 ends on Tuesday, June 10th at 11AM (PT). Also keep in mind that apparently the developer of Metal Slug 3 is still working on the final touches for the DRM-free Mac, Windows, and Linux version but promises to have it up in the next 24-72 hours.

[Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10]


Nova Launcher 3.0 Beta 1 now available, introduces a handful of new features for the brave

Posted: 27 May 2014 04:31 PM PDT

Nova Launcher screenshot

Developer Kevin Berry from Teslacoil has just announced that a new version of Nova Launcher is in the works. To help get it ready for prime time, Kevin is looking for brave Android users willing to test out Nova Launcher 3.0 before it’s ready for public consumption. The update is said to be large, one of the biggest we’ve seen in months. It’s a pretty huge changelog and if you’ve got the stomach for it, you can find all the details below.

Nova Launcher 3.0beta1

  • Subgrid positioning, snap widgets/icons to half cells. Greater control of placement/size without shrinking/cropping app icons
  • Support Today Calendar’s dynamic icon, also supported by icon themes from Kovdev including Domo, Lumos and Tersus and PHLASH's new KEX theme.
  • Custom label colors (desktop, dock, drawer)
  • Individual drawer tab colors (tap on the tab and select Edit)
  • New tab style Colorblock
  • Vertical drawer scrolls under transparent navbar
  • Backup/Restore using Kitkat’s Document Provider (supports ext-sdcard, Drive, Box, etc)
  • Full 4×1 widget support in dock
  • Individually toggle widget padding (long-press on widget and select Padding)
  • Nova Action for First Item In Folder (Use with swipe/tap action of folders)
  • Honeycomb style persistent searchbar available on phones
  • Slight visual refresh (settings screen, menu icon, color picker)
  • Fix Samsung KitKat bluetooth settings shortcut
  • Fix home button action on Verizon Motorola
  • Restore "Force" wallpaper scrolling for HTC KitKat
  • "Show Shadows" on HTC One M8 perfectly blends from semi-transparent system bars

Other changes include:

  • Tab configuration is a bit stricter. Now one and only one All Apps tab is required, and zero or one Widgets tab can be used. These tabs can be renamed and recolored.
  • All Apps tab dropdown menu no longer includes filters for New/Downloaded
  • The dropdown menu indicator has been removed from the tabs, though the menu still exists (with some modification)
  • Persistent Search Bar is either enabled or disabled, the landscape only option has been removed
  • Persistent Search Bar style is consistent between landscape and portrait
  • Icons are now centered vertically in their cells, rather than being top aligned
  • Phone landscape mode fills available space horizontally, rather than reserving space for the search bar/dock even if those elements were hidden.
  • Honeycomb style search bar no longer includes the menu button (which was not authentic to honeycomb anyway)

To get started, you’ll first need to be apart of the Nova Launcher Beta community here. Once you’ve joined up, you can opt-in for the beta releases on Google Play here. Once you’ve done all that, simply hit up Nova Launcher on the Google Play Store to begin downloading the new Nova Launcher 3.0 Beta 1.

Should all that sound like too much work, the app can always be sideloaded directly from TeslaCoil here. Enjoy!

Google begins blocking Chrome extensions downloaded outside their Web Store

Posted: 27 May 2014 03:40 PM PDT

Chrome web browser download

In their latest move declaring war against malware (and clean up their image), Google announced today that they have begun blocking 3rd party Chrome extensions downloaded outside their sanctioned Chrome Web Store. What’s more is they’re not just blocking them, but they also mentioned that could begin actively disabling ones already installed in your Chrome web browser — no permission necessary.

While we generally stick the Chrome Web Store for all our extension needs, there are those that haven’t passed Google’s terms of service (like YouTube downloader) and can only be downloaded direct from the developer. It feels a bit Apple in approach, but when data breaches and malware are seemingly spreading across the internet like wildfire, it’s better safe than sorry.

For the time being, it looks like this is going to be exclusive to Windows users. Nothing mentioned about OSX or Linux quite yet, but we’re sure their time is also coming.

[Google Chrome Blog |via 9to5Google]

LG G3 vs HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted: 27 May 2014 03:06 PM PDT

LG G3 vs HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 edit

Earlier today we watched as LG finally took the wraps off their worst kept secret: the LG G3. In an effort to stay competitive with the likes of the Samsungs and HTCs, LG broke away from their usual end of the year release timing, moving up their flagship launch a good couple of months. Hot on the heels of some of the biggest smartphone releases of the year, some of you might be wondering how the LG G3 stacks up in comparison to Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. Well, let’s find out.

Build and Design

LG G3 IMG_5371

If you’ve been following the mobile scene, you’d know LG is no stranger to the all-plastic design philosophy that made Samsung rich. But that doesn’t mean LG hasn’t dabbled in their use of more premium materials like glass for the LG Optimus G from 2 generations ago. While glass on the back of a smartphone may not have been the wisest choice for a smartphone (they have a tendency to drop), industrial materials like aluminum seem to hold up well. Just ask any HTC fanboy what they love about the Taiwanese OEM’s recent flagships and they’re sure to wax poetic about the premium feeling aluminum build quality.

Taking this idea and running with it, the LG G3 features a polished “metallic” skin on the its removable battery cover. The result is something that can only be described as the love child of the One M8 and Galaxy S5 melding together into one. There’s no question the HTC One M8 will still feel more solid in the hand thanks to a unibody construction, but for those that never took to Samsung’s gratuitous use of chrome and “band-aid” battery cover should feel right at home on the LG G3.


LG G3 IMG_5361 edit

The LG G3 features LG’s latest Quad HD 2560 x 1440 resolution IPS display with an insane 538ppi. Word from our own Kevin Krause is that the display is something that will need to be seen in person to believe, with pixels that are indiscernible to the human eye. Of course for many, they get a similar result from the now standard 1920 x 1080 found on all current flagships. This means no matter the quality — which appears to have excellent viewing angles — the display on the LG G3 could be one of the device’s more superfluous features, one that could have an impact on battery life.

LG did mention that they’ve taken steps to minimize the impact on battery life, but we can’t help but wonder if that could have been put to better use on a 1080p display. No matter how many pixels LG throws into their phones, there’s just no beating Samsung at their own game. While both the LG G3 and HTC One M8 displays look fantastic make no mistake — the SAMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is still the one to beat.

Processor, Performance, and Battery

Snapdragon 801 processor

We know it’s easy for some to simply look at the raw hardware specs on a smartphone and declare a winner, but that would be foolish. As we discovered with the Galaxy S5, a beefy processor doesn’t always equate to above average performance (quite the contrary). With the LG G3, the phone features the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor as the HTC One M8, but like on the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG has managed to crank up the clock speed to 2.5GHz. The result should be an overall zippy Android experience, but we’ll reserve judgment until we get our hands on a review unit.

When it comes to battery, LG doesn’t appear to be messing around, outfitting the LG G3 with a higher-than usual 3,000mAh battery (the One M8 only has 2,600mAh, while the Galaxy S5 features 2,800mAh). As we saw with last year’s model, this should help the LG G3 last more than a full day with average use. But let’s not forget. Both HTC and Samsung have gotten creative with battery life, squeezing out every last drop through the use of software features like HTC’s Extreme Power Saving, or Samsung’s similar feature that also enables a black and white display.

We’ll have to wait and see what kind of battery saving options LG’s new software introduces in the G3, but given the phone already has a removable battery for quick battery swaps, this alone gives it the advantage.

Custom User Interfaces


When it comes to custom Android “skins” you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. But sometimes Android OEM’s can do a lot to help you hate them less, even to the point where you grow to love them over time. We’ve always felt strongly that HTC Sense offered the most refined custom user interface and that Samsung — while packed to the brim with customizable features — was more or less an eye sore. Even further behind the pack was LG, who made little effort to update their UI for the new generation of smartphones, recycling it over and over again.

Thankfully for the LG G3, LG has finally gone back to the drawing board, dreaming up something that’s familiar to LG fans, only much more modern. This new “flat UI” is much more minimal in appearance and while colorful, seems to favor the use of more muted colors for a professional look. We’ll need to have a little more time to play around with all the new software features therein but as it stands, LG has just placed itself ahead of Samsung — and right behind HTC — in the race for best looking custom UI. It’s about damn time.


lg g3 0520

Like most other hardware features, you can’t always judge a camera by the amount of MP it has. When it comes to mobile photography, there’s so many other smaller hardware features — like the LG G3′s optical image stabilization — it’s tough to declare a winner. As we mentioned, the LG G3 introduces LG’s new OIS+ camera hardware, said to bring a 20% increase in stabilization vs last year’s G2 (which only had regular OIS). This means whether you’re recording video or taking a snap shot, the G3′s camera will be more stable, resulting in clear shots for the most part.

Adding to the camera’s performance is the use of LG’s laser auto focus sensor which helps the phone focus quicker than the blink of an eye (.276 seconds). It’s interesting because we’ve seen both HTC and Samsung attempt to tackle this problem using their own hardware methods — the One M8 with its Duo Focus system, and Galaxy S5 with phase detection.

While every single one of these phones are quick to focus in optimal lighting situations, the LG G3′s laser focus is said to be lightning quick even in low light. Keep in mind we’ll need to see some comparison shots before declaring a real winner, but pound for pound, it seems the LG G3 is the smartphone camera to beat.

What say ye?

lg g3 color range

Now, we know many of you haven’t gotten a chance to play with all these phones and we’re reserving final judgement until we receive an LG G3 for review. But you’ve seen spec match up and if you frequent the site, we’re sure you’ve seen our reviews (HTC One M8 review here, Samsung Galaxy S5 review here). After considering all of this, which smartphone do you think wins the crown of most impressive Android device? The LG G3, HTC One M8, or Samsung Galaxy S5? Vote in our poll below.

Hands-on: LG G3 [VIDEO]

Posted: 27 May 2014 01:20 PM PDT

LG G3 IMG_5365

Last year's LG G2 came as a pleasant surprise, rear button and all. In 2014, Korea's other major smartphone maker brings the innovative design back for round two, today unveiling the highly-anticipated (and highly-leaked) LG G3. Does the successor to the 2013 sleeper hit once again knock (pun intended) one out of the park?

For anyone that has seen or used the G2, the G3 is immediately familiar, yet it retains a fresh feel with a redesigned rear button and brushed metal finish. That finish uses a metal layer to achieve the look, but it comes with a matte coating to aid in its durability and make for easy cleaning and care. The back cover is removable, revealing a 3000mAh battery within the belly of LG's beast.

But back to the back button. The G3 does away with its quick functions by default, relegating its use as the power/standby button and volume rocker out of the box. Fans of the selfie shortcut and one-button access to Quick Notes will be happy to know that these functions can be restored easily via the settings menu. Unfortunately, the buttons can still not be mapped to other user-defined functions.

Moving around to the front of the device comes another cornerstone of the G3's design — its Quad HD display. The G3 offers four times the resolution of a phone with a standard HD display, and the display is built around IPS technology for solid color reproduction. It looks great, but the extra pixels might be a little wasted on the 5.5-inch display. It's hard to say whether the higher resolution really makes a difference, and the advantage is arguable, but we liked what we saw. Is it the smartphone display to beat? Time will tell.

Given the color and clarity of the Quad HD display, it's a wonder LG went with a more muted color scheme for the G3's user interface overhaul. Don't get me wrong, this is perhaps the most welcomed change to the G3, but if it were any other manufacturer bright colors would have no doubt been the emphasis to really showcase the screen technology. That's neither here nor there, though. We don't want to undersell the extreme improvements LG has made to their user interface with the G3.

LG G3 hands on IMG_5374 LG G3 IMG_5371 LG G3 IMG_5361 edit LG G3 IMG_5364 LG G3 IMG_5372 LG G3 IMG_5373

In past releases, LG's take on Android was perhaps our biggest gripe. Here it is one of the phone's key advantages. This still isn't the super stock implementation we would like, but it's the closest it has ever been on an LG phone. As is the trend, flat, simple design cues can be found throughout.

Let's touch on the G3's camera for a moment. It turns out the mysterious sensor located to the side of the 13MP camera that was spied in leaks is a laser blaster. Why include a laser blaster? To offer super fast image focusing. And it is fast. We tested it out around the demo room floor and found it to be quite adept at quickly focusing on and snapping impressive shots. Advanced optical image stabilization further adds to the camera's abilities.

This all, of course, is merely scratching the surface of what LG has accomplished with the G3. Will its allure outlast our initial excitement? That is the question we hope to answer when we get a chance to further review the handset. For now, check out our above hands-on video for a bit more about the new G3. Release dates aren't quite clear yet, but one thing is certain. When the G3 touches down, it will come as a worthy competitor to other current Android powerhouses like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8.

Are you buying the LG G3? [POLL]

Posted: 27 May 2014 10:59 AM PDT

Talk about the LG G3 at AndroidForums.com

lg g3 5

So the LG G3 is finally official (even though we’ve had an idea of what to expect for weeks now). All the info is out on the table, and you should be able to buy it at nearly any major carrier. The question is simple now: will you be buying one?

It faces competition from not only the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, but also quirky offerings from the likes of Oppo and OnePlus. The smartphone scene is quite crowded this year, so it’s sure to be a tough decision for many folks. Drop a vote in the poll below and let us know if you’ll be grabbing one. If not, be sure to stop by the comments and tell us which phone has your attention instead!

Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile confirm plans to offer the LG G3 [Update]

Posted: 27 May 2014 10:38 AM PDT

Talk about the LG G3 at AndroidForums.com

lg g3 color range

The first couple of carriers getting their paws on the LG G3 have come forth and revealed plans. Both AT&T and T-Mobile have announced that the device will be coming later this year. No further details could be had unfortunately, though T-Mobile did want folks to know that their carrier would be the only place to get a G3 before it launches, as they’ll be giving one away every day through June 29th (which we hope is the day it’ll launch to the public).

AT&T’s launch window is simply “later this year,” while T-Mobile’s is “this summer.” It’s safe to say we should be seeing these at some point starting next month, though it’s never wise to count on anything other than hard confirmation.

We’re expecting Verizon and Sprint to make their respective announcements shortly, so don’t feel too peeved that they haven’t chimed in just yet. Find everything you need to know about the LG G3 right here.

[Update]: And you can add Sprint and Verizon into the mix. The former says they will exclusively offer the golden option (something Sprint has been quite find of as of late). Now we’re just waiting on pricing details.

LG officially reveals the LG G3

Posted: 27 May 2014 10:01 AM PDT

Talk about the LG G3 at AndroidForums.comlg g3 netherlands 2

With as many leaks as we’ve seen regarding the LG G3 in recent weeks, it’s almost as if LG didn’t need to put on a big show to tell us everything we needed to know about their 2014 flagship smartphone. But the official word is always better than anything else, so here are all the details as LG announced them.


lg g3 0520

Specs look quite typical for a flagship this year, though LG ups the ante on everyone with a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display. Beneath that massive display is a Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5GHz and 2GB of RAM. Here are the rest of the specs you should care about:

  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 801 (up to 2.5GHz Quad-Core)
  • Display: 5.5-inch Quad HD IPS (2560 x 1440, 538ppi)
  • Memory: 16/32GB eMMC ROM / 2/3GB DDR3 RAM / microSD slot (128GB max)
  • Camera: Rear 13.0MP with OIS+ and Laser Auto Focus / Front 2.1MP
  • Battery: 3,000mAh (removable)
  • Operating System: Android 4.4.2 KitKat
  • Size: 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9mm
  • Weight: 149g
  • Network: 4G / LTE / HSPA+ 21 Mbps (3G)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth Smart Ready (Apt-X), NFC, SlimPort, A-GPS/Glonass, USB 2.0
  • Color: Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Moon Violet, Burgundy Red
  • Other: Smart Keyboard, Smart Notice, Knock CodeTM , Guest Mode, etc.

LG has confirmed that the device is equipped with metal, though it isn’t an all-metal affair here. Instead, a metal coating sits over a typical plastic chassis. This is said to give the phone that premium metal feel while still enabling things such as Qi wireless charging, and perhaps more flexible NFC chip placement.


On board for software is Android 4.4.2 and LG’s customer user experience, which incorporates classic favorites such as LG Knock On and Q-Slide, but also introduces new features.

  • Smart Keyboard: learns your typing habits and adjusts over time. Also allows you to resize the keyboard how you want, as well as customize its keys to symbols you use more frequently than others.
  • Smart Notice: a personal assistant that delivers help when you need it. It can automatically remind you to return a call you missed earlier, and suggest an umbrella whenever it’s raining outside.
  • Smart Security: Content Lock keeps your sensitive files and photos safe and hidden, Knock Code provides a convenient way to secure your device, and Kill Switch lets you “nuke” your device from a remote location in the event that it’s lost or stolen.

Everything is about getting smarter it seems, and that’s the kind of stuff we like to see. LG’s UI has also gotten a lot flatter and a lot cleaner, and they’ve made changes that makes it more of a joy to use.


LG says the LG G3 will begin rolling out worldwide starting tomorrow, May 28th in South Korea, and that they’ll be looking to bring it to over 170 carriers worldwide in the days and weeks to follow. We’ll need to wait a tad longer for more pointed estimations for launch details in specific markets, so stay tuned for all of that as we let the details storm in.

lg g3 color range lg g3 1 lg g3 5 lg g3 3

Stay tuned for Phandroid’s hands-on coverage of the device right from the show, and let us know what you think about this smashing device in the comments section below!

[via LG]

Watch the LG G3 event live online at 1PM eastern

Posted: 27 May 2014 09:03 AM PDT

Ready for the big LG G3 unveiling going down in about a couple of hours? You won’t need to follow clunky live blogs or wait for us to post the details if you don’t want: all the live streaming goodness you’ll need to follow along will be at the YouTube embed sitting above.

As of the time of this writing the live stream countdown reads half an hour, though it’s like just a bit of preview material ahead of the real goods. Either way, we’ll be tuned in every second and so should you. And in case you didn’t see it, full details regarding the LG G3 have already leaked on LG’s website. Grab a healthy bite of that right here. Get ready!

Rumor: Google eyeing acquisition of Dropcam

Posted: 27 May 2014 08:31 AM PDT


It looks like Google’s vision of the connected home is all starting to come together quite clearly. After having bought smart thermostat, smoke detector and CO2 detector manufacturer Nest for $3.2 billion, Google is reportedly looking at throwing some cash at the folks behind Dropcam.

Dropcam is a home surveillance kit that allows you to gain access to your feeds via the web and save recordings for future analysis. Their cameras can be paired a line of USB-sized “Tabs” that can be stuck near a window or door and give the user an alert on their phone if anyone breaks in.

Dropcam’s security benefits alone are slim as the device can only alert you, but pair it up with a quick call to 911 in the event that you suspect someone is breaking into your house and you could save yourself a lot of headache by the time you get home.

This would be a very interesting acquisition, if true. Nest and Dropcam have given each other props in the past for trying to reinvent these products in a way that is less cumbersome and more of a pleasure to use. As Nest says it, security shouldn’t be annoying, and it sounds like Dropcam would wholly agree.

How these two would work together in the event that Google acquires Dropcam would be quite the exciting question to ponder. For now, let’s just cross our fingers and hope that some sort of deal is actually being worked on and that this love triangle between Google, Dropcam and Nest becomes a reality.

[via The Information]

ASUS teasing the Next Incredible “Thin” Thing for Computex 2014 [VIDEO]

Posted: 27 May 2014 06:43 AM PDT

ASUS is drumming up excitement for Computex 2014 (kicking off June 2nd) as they often do, and the company is teasing a device that could be quite thin. A teaser video for the Taipei show tells folks to get ready for the “the next incredible thing.” Shortly after the text is written out, the “g” in “thing” suddenly disappears.

There’s no telling what ASUS could be looking to introduce in the days to come. Their name hasn’t been in the rumor mill for any smartphones or tablets as of late. There’s a chance that whatever device they announce won’t be related to Android. But then again, there’s a chance that it will be. Only way to find out is to circle back and follow all the Computex coverage, we suppose.

Grab the official Watch Dogs ctOS companion app for Android today!

Posted: 27 May 2014 05:58 AM PDT

Watch Dogs launches today for all major previous gen and current gen platforms except the Wii U, so we’re sure many of you are scrambling to find the ctOS companion app that Ubisoft has been talking about as of late. It’s already available for Android and sitting in the Google Play Store waiting for your hacking expertise.

watch dogs app

The ctOS Mobile Companion App is meant to be your real-life version of a mobile ctOS workstation (ctOS being a central operating system that all of fictional Chicago’s technology is hooked into for the purposes of better living and improved policing and security). You use the app as a Chicago ctOS operative, which puts the controls of the Chicago Police and the city in your hand.

So what will this app let you do? It lets you connect to Watch Dogs players’ games and put an end to their criminal mischief. You do this by dispatching police units to chase the player down, and manipulate things like street lights, road blocks, steam pipes and gates to try and slow them down.

The streets of the city become your ultimate battleground where your goal is to stop players and maintain order. Challenge and shut down other players with every tool available.

The more challenges and takedowns you achieve, the more experience you get (which goes toward unlocking more ctOS tools). The best part of all of this is that you don’t even need to own Watch Dogs to get in on the fun. Simply have an internet connection, the Watch Dogs app, a Uplay account and an Xbox Live or PSN account (free or otherwise) and be on your way to gratifying crime-busting action.

The app is sitting on the Google Play Store right now as a free download, so hop to it as soon as you get a chance. Let us know if you’ll be picking up a copy of Watch Dogs later today!

You can now grab the Moto X in Rosewood

Posted: 27 May 2014 05:04 AM PDT

moto x rosewood

Another wooden chassis option has been added to the Moto X’s list over at Moto Maker. It’s Rosewood, which we saw at the device’s official unveiling but haven’t seen launched until this point. It’s a nice, warm bark that strikes a pretty decent balance between dark and bright.

It’s a shame that Motorola couldn’t get all these options out closer to launch, as folks are likely looking ahead to more “contemporary” smartphones at this point. The Moto X is still a fine phone, though the expected unveiling of a follow-up this summer might cause hesitation for many at the point of sale.

If you decide that last year’s model is still worth buying (especially for an attractive $375 off-contract) then be sure to check out all the different customization options available to you at Motorola’s site.

LG G3 specs fully outed by official LG site ahead of launch

Posted: 27 May 2014 04:50 AM PDT

lg g3 netherlands 2

There are only a few short hours between us and the grand unveiling of the LG G3, but even more leaks are rushing in for last minute spotlights ahead of the big show. LG Netherlands’ site has accidentally posted full product information about the LG G3, and while it doesn’t tell us anything the rumors haven’t already it’s nice to see them somewhat confirmed.

Here’s how the full spec sheet lays out:

  • 5.5-inch 2560 × 1440 display
  • 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor (Snapdragon 801?)
  • 2GB of RAM, 16GB storage
  • 13-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization, laser-assisted autofocus, 2.1-megapixel front camera
  • 16GB storage and microSD card slot with up to 128GB
  • 3000mAh battery
  • Android 4.4.2
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, 4G LTE, FM Radio
  • DLNA and Miracast
  • Metallic Black, Silk White, Gold Shine colors
  • 146.3 x 74.6 x 9.1mm

The site also mentions the device will come with metal housing, something we weren’t entirely sure about from all the leaks before (it’s always looked metal, but it wouldn’t have been the first time we’ve seen plastic perpetrating as something it’s not). The site has been fixed, naturally, but it shouldn’t be long before LG throws it back up. for the world to see.

lg g3 netherlands 1

The LG G3 shaping up to sound like a rather nice device. I’d say it’s ordinary for today’s flagship standards, though none of LG’s biggest competitors are quite living up to that ridiculous display being stuffed inside.

We’ll be making our way downtown like Vanessa Carlton later on today to get our own look at the thing in person. In the meantime, let us know if this is a smartphone you’d be likely to buy in the weeks or months to come!

[via LG]