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8 Awesome Videos Tips And Guides on PCB Design!

1. Home made PCB by the method of screen printing

Here's a well made video on how to create a PCB at home with the method of screen printing. The development time and drying of the cards change will depend on the quality of the ink you use, type of bulb in use and distance of the light which is exposed on the cards.

2. DIY Print circuit video

Here's how to create your own PCB using heat toner transfer method. This method although will only work with the laser printer.

3. How to make Clear Glass PCBs

This video explains how to make clear glass PCBs.

4. How to make PCB using MARKER PEN (Printed Circuit Board)

How about creating your PCBs with one of the most inexpensive method, i.e. with a marker pen! No kidding!

5. Home made printed circuits by the method of ironing

Another easy, quick and inexpensive method of creating your Printed circuit board.


Toner transfer method of producing printed circuit boards for electronics project.

7. PCB Design Tips | General Electronics Tutorial

As the introduction says the tutorial explains how to get rid of the ugly DIY circuits on prototyping board and design a PCB (printed circuit board) well. The video carries a whole bunch of PCB design tips so that your PCB comes out right!

8. Making of PCBs at home, DIY using inexpensive materials

Again a well explained and understandable video demo of how to create your own PCBs at home with easily available inexpensive materials. The author has used toner transfer method.

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