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Proteus installation on Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu and Debian Linux-based operating system is based on tradition. Ubuntu's target for the average computer user and installation is very easy to use, up to date, and to provide a secure operating system.Ubuntu, with over 20 million users is the world's most popular Linux distributions.
Electronic company which is a product of Labcenter Proteus visual electronic circuit capable of enabling the simulation of a circuit diagram, simulation, animation and PCB drawing program. The most important difference from the classic workbench is loaded into the microprocessor. HEX files can be run. Proteus model library has an expanding day by day. Proteus software is a virtual laboratory. All kinds of electric / electronic circuit diagram on computer media using Proteus can try. Change the values ​​of the re-run of the circuit elements and the result can be observed. This program contains thousands of electronic elements can be used even in the production of circuit design. Electrical fault report can be prepared, the ingredients list on a regular basis can give a lot.
Proteus is a program for Windows based on the Linux operating system setup before "wine" [1] is the windows emulator 'is necessary to establish a reputation.
After installing Wine "Proteus-setup.exe" file and right click on " Wine Windows Program Loader to"command is issued.
After this step, following the standard installation process is completed.

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