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Epic Citadel Now Available For Android

                                   Now Epic Games as the developer carry applications that utilize the Unreal Engine 3 technology to the Android. Glance it looks the same as the iOS version, but apparently Android specifically granted additional features that benchmark. Players can choose between high performance and high quality modes to attain the best balance between visuals and speed. There’s also a resolution scaling option, which may be useful for high-res devices that lack the horsepower to push Epic Citadel at full resolution. Touch controls allow players to navigate around town, but there’s also a guided tour mode if you just want to admire the scenery, and a benchmark mode if you want to test your device’s mettle.
Features :
• Amazing visuals. “Epic Citadel” pushes the envelope for stunning visuals on Android devices. Through the latest advances in Unreal Engine 3 technology, the application delivers unrivaled graphics and special effects that immerse players in the kingdom’s grounds.
• Benchmarking mode. “Epic Citadel” allows you to gather performance data for your Android device through benchmarking mode, which includes frames per second stats as well as quality settings and resolution.
• Realistic reflections and animations. Environment mapping and other high-end rendering techniques produce lifelike reflections, and vertex deformation and skeletal animation bring trees and banners to life with dynamic movements.
• Global illumination. Unreal Engine 3’s built-in global illumination system, Unreal Lightmass, provides realistic lighting and shadows with minimal development resources.
• Dynamic specular lighting with texture masks. Sophisticated graphics features impart a tangible quality to cobblestone roads and vivid reflective marble surfaces, while lens flares and light coronas add dramatic emphasis when panning across light sources.
With this new version you can experiment frame rates, quality settings, and detail resolution. Even for iOS version has also been given an update to support the larger resolution, but the benchmark still remains to features exclusive to Android. Epic games seems to understand what the word speed for android users.Unreal Engine 3 technology is not new in Android, and although the application is not diversified Epic Citadel game like Infinity Blade, but with it can be proven that developers Epic Games have taken their time to actually do their job to test a variety of devices such as owned Android. If You user wants to experiment how well the device can display the graphics, please download this application from the Android Market Store.
Download here from Google Play Store.