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Step by Step Guide to Unlock Bootloader of X8, W8, X10 Mini & X10 Mini Pro

As Sony introduced many Next Gen congeners of its existing Xperia series; these old models took a backseat. Unofficial ROM development also came to a halt after stretching their limits. Some people still are developing bits and pieces for these models.

There have been much fuss to stretch these models to their last limit by giving them new Kernel and Unlocked status. Every new ROM which is being developed nowadays needs a Custom Kernel. These kernel can make your phone little more speedy and able to use with newly developed fresh ROMS. Sadly, new kernel can’t be flashed to phone unless and until its bootloader is unlocked.

I tried it and got successful. So, here is the guide for first step which needs you to unlock your phone’s bootloader.

1. Unlocking Bootloader will void your phone’s warranty (you already void it but Rooting it. So don’t worry). Luckily you can relock it back but as with hardware probability  some might get not lucky.
2.  This is; in real a very dangerous procedure. You can brick your phone totally. Then SE only may repair it. “MAY”: Sometimes even they will not be able to.
3.  If you had any kind of SIM-LOCK (Carries Lock as in with Bundle Scheme comes) and you removed it by some Software then unlocking Bootloader will relock it back. If your phone already came unlocked; or Sony Unlocked it or you unlocked it via IMEI number then; you can go ahead. In India; most of the phones are Factory Unlocked. So no worry. We will run check first that it can be unlocked or not.
4. Antivirus. Shut it down / pause it in permanent  mode. Or you will just kill your phone during flashing.
5. I don’t take any responsibility for any bricked Xperia.
6. X8 and W8? i.e E15i/a and E16i/a?
WARNING! Open your phone’s cover. Take a look at bottom part. There is a Sticker. Look “Make Number”. So, What you got?
11w28 or below? You are much safe. You may proceed at your risk. Chances of survival are good.
11w29 or above? Don’t even think of it. Just leave it. Its bootloader can’t be unlocked. It is sure to die.

Though some have reported to unlock without problems. I will say; better stay away.

REQUIREMENTS: (actual process is short. Downloading and preparation takes time)

1. ROOTED phone. PC, USB Cable.
2. Stock KERNEL and ROM.

Trust me! You already have a stock kernel or you wouldn’t be here.

Stock ROM! Yes! It is much safer to unlock bootloader on a Stock ROM. However; many people have unlocked it while they are on Custom ROM.
If you have ever taken a backup of stock ROM then just use CWM or XRecovery to restore it. This is preferred method as ROOT of your phone will be preserved.

If you had never taken any backup via recoveries; then you will need to restore / repair it via SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service.) Download it here. This will remove your ROOT. So you will need to go back and ROOT it via FlashTool. Easiest way. Read this article.

3.  Flashtool v Download it here. TURN OFF ANTIVIRUS. Yes! Even before downloading. Windows for Windows User and Linux version for lovely Linux people.
4. S1Tool. This is to find out will your phone have any kind of SIM LOCKS and is safe to unlock or not.
5. MSM Scripts. To unlock when in certain conditions there is a SIM LOCK on your phone.
6. Sony Ericsson PC Companion. Needed for better connectivity.
7. Gordon’s Gate Drivers.

8. STOCK KERNELS: I don’t know it is really needed just for Unlocking Bootloader. But it’s good to be safe than crying.

X8 (E15) and W8: Download

X10 mini (E10): Download

X10 mini Pro (U20): Download

9. And last requirement is ‘Courage’. Don’t think that if  you have X10 Mini Pro means you are safe. You just have safer edge.


1. Turn of all kind of Antivirus. Anything. Even a malware checker.
2. I hope you got Stock ROM and Root already
3. On your phone go to: Menu >> Applications >> Development >> Select (ON) the “Debugging Mode”, “Stay Awake” and “Install from other sources” (in applications menu itself).
4. Install PC Companion first. Run it. Attach your phone and see it’s detecting your phone. Turn it off and disconnect phone.
5. Install FlashTool. Then go to place where you installed it. Find folder inside called “Drivers”. Install the Driver File in it.
6. Install Gordon’s gate Driver. Filename is : “ggsetup.exe”.
7. Restart your PC/Laptop.
8. After login. Open Task Manager on PC. Just Ctrl+Alt+Del and End process “ADB.exe”; if running. (God! I am literally feeling like Spoon feeder  )
9. Unzip/Unrar “S1Tool” in a folder where you installed Flashtool. Doesn’t make difference. Just easy to handle.
10. Unzip/Unrar “MSM File” in a folder where you installed Flashtool. Again.. doesn’t make difference.
11. Stock kernel: Unrar/Unzip to get ‘.FTF‘ file if you get zip/rar file. Copy paste phone’s Stock Kernel file (.FTF) to folder called “Firmwares”. This is present in Flashtool Folder.


STEP 1: SIM LOCK Identification

1. Take God’s name. Nothing dangerous at this step but just to have good news. Lol!
2. Turn off your phone. Connect USB cable to PC. Only PC! Not Phone.
3. Go to S1Tool folder. There is a file called S1tool.exe. Run it.
4. Click IDENTIFY.
5. Press and Hold Back Button of your Phone and then Connect cable to it. It will land in Flash Mode.
6. S1 Tool Will Run and will give you Output.
Example Output:

Look for the Message you got where it is displayed “SEMC LOCK CERTIFICATE”. That is kinda of Good News!

Situation 1: Now If you got:

2. You had unlocked your phone using EMMA/IMEI codes; or
3. Your phone came unlocked from company (New One);

Then; Jump to METHOD A else continue reading.

Situation 2: If you know:

1. Your phone is SIM Locked then Jump to METHOD 2B or else continue reading.

Situation 3: If you know;

1. Your phone was SIM-UNLOCKED via Omnius then proceed to METHOD 2C.


METHOD A: (for Situation 1)

1. Press; Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Task Manager. Find if any ADB.exe is running. If it is then; Kill It.
2. Start FlashTool.
3. Take Connect your phone to Cable. I hope its settings and requirement are met as told above. Select “Charge Phone” on Phone Pop-up.
4. If your phone says that FlashTool needs ROOT ACCESS then Press OK on Phone. Your phone will be recognized at this step. FlashTool will announce that it is identified.
5. Take God’s name. This time serious. Go to Click on Plugins >> Bootloader Unlock. Select Unlock/Run.
6. Disconnect cable and TURN OFF your phone.
7. Press Back button on phone and Connect Cable. As soon as FlashTool recognize it. Release Back Button. Unlocking will start. Keep taking God’s name. Lol!
8. Wait till FlashTool asks you to Disconnect the cable.
9. FlashTool will say to TURN ON the Phone and Reconnect the Cable. Restart the phone and wait till it’s completely booted. Connect the Cable now. NO BACK BUTTON HERE. Don’t use your extra brain.
10. FlashTool will push required files. After little time there will be a message saying Unlock was successful.
11. Disconnect your phone. Restart. Congratz.

You now directly move to section VERIFYING THE UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER.

METHOD B: (for Situation 2)

1. Remember the MSM Script Files we downloaded and extracted?
2. Connect the Phone to system.
2. Go to that ‘MSM 7227′ folder. Find file “msm7227_semc.cmd” in the directory. Run it.
3. Press any key to start the unlocking process.
4. Wait for up to 5 minutes. Yeah this method takes time.
5. Check the Output. It will be something like this. It won’t be EXACTLY SAME. Don’t start throwing mad questions.

process requires standard 2.x android firmware.
Press any key to continue . . .
Getting ROOT rights.
1823 KB/s (515331 bytes in 0.26s)
error: protocol fault (no status)
Waiting …
Removing NAND MPU restrictions via SEMC backdoor. Permanent. Require ROOT rights.
172 KB/s (2957 bytes in 0.016s)
Waiting …
Getting ROOT rights.
Waiting …
Writing patched semcboot. Two step process
First, we need get access to semcboot area
501 KB/s (8044 bytes in 0.015s)
Second, we need to write semcboot
1134 KB/s (595916 bytes in 0.611s)
successfully wrote 0003ff00
Press any key to continue . . .

6. Too many “error: protocol fault”? it’s fine. Nothing to worry about.
7. Proceed to IDENTIFY THE UNLOCKING section.
8. If your Log is very very much different then go to IDENTIFY section in this post. If your bootloader is identified as NOT UNLOCKED then you will need to try again.

METHOD C: (for Situation 3)

1. Same METHOD B but you have to run “msm7227_OmniusSL.cmd” from the MSM folder after connecting your phone.
2. Wait for up to 5 minutes. Then at end compare your log to example log given in that folder.
3. Too many “error: protocol fault”? it’s fine. Nothing to worry about.
5. If your Log is very very much different then go to IDENTIFY section in this post. If your bootloader is identified as NOT UNLOCKED then you will need to try again.



1. Close all tools. Kill any ADB.exe process using Task Manager.
2.  Disconnect phone and turn it off.
3. Run S1 Tool. Yeah the same oldie.
4. Click on Identify and send your phone to Flash Mode.
5. Check the Output:

6. You see that “r” instead of “R“. That means you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your phone. Congratz.
7. Disconnect; restart and enjoy.

Source from: ijustutter.com