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Installing nAa Kernel & Custom ROM on X8, W8, X10 Mini & X10 Mini Pro

So, you got your phone’s bootloader unlocked and now we are moving to installing an advance Kernel called ‘nAa’ so your phone’s limit can be stretched.
This nAa kernel flashing will help you to install Custom ROMs that only can run on Custom Kernel. So; then you will not be stuck when you want new ROM on your phone.
First thing I have not tested W8 for MiniCM7_2.2.0 ROM install. nAa kernel can be installed. You will need to get some ROM which can run on nAa Kernel. If you are sure about MiniCm, then go for it.
- Linux kernel version:
- Ported various components from 2.6.35 / 38
- Faster booting time (~25 secs)
- CWM recovery that too kernel in-built.
- 2 way call recording (Consider your Country Laws
- Interface Stat support for ICS
- Mddi fix
- Ext3/4 support
- Netfilter support / AP support / Usb tethering
- Swap support
- Tun/Tap
1. Flashing is equally dangerous as Unlocking and Rooting. Wait! May be more dangerous than Rooting and Little less than Unlocking??? Let it be. Just remember it is dangerous. Don’t hold any grudge against me if your Xperia dies.
2. Every guide says that just flash the kernel. No one tells that you have to download the Custom ROM with GAPPS file before starting anything and place it in your SD Card because when kernel is changed it no longer recognize older ROM. This is where people gets frustrated as it enters bootloop. So download ROM, GAPPS and keep it in on SD Card of phone before beginning.
Note: If you have these already then you will need only nAa Kernel, Custom ROM and GAPPS for your phone.

1. Unlocked Bootloader. Read this guide to unlock your phone’s bootloader.
2. Phone preferably on STOCK ROM and a USB Cable.
3. Debugging, Stay Awake, Uninstall from other sources, Allow Mock Location –>’ON’ in your Phone. (All? Just to be safe). These options are available under Applications and Development Menu in Phone.
4.  Switched OFF / PAUSED Antivirus.
5. FlashTool Turn Off your Antivirus before downloading.

6. Custom ROM: I will be using MiniCM7_2.2.0. As this one is really awesome.

X8 (E15): Download
X10 mini (E10): Download
X10 mini Pro (U20): Download

Same for all phones. Download

.8. Stock Kernel Files.

X8 (E15) and W8: Download
X10 mini (E10): Download
X10 mini Pro (U20): Download

9. nAa Kernel Files.

1. X8 (E15): Download
2. X10 Mini (E10): Download
3. X10 Mini Pro (U20):  Download

10 . Installed PC Companion and Gordon’s Gate Driver. (Just to be on safer side)


1. Recheck your Antivirus is Paused or OFF.
2. Ctrl+Alt+Del >> Open Task Manager >> Kill any Adb.exe process.
3. Move the ‘stock’ kernel file to FlashTool Folder. Unzip/Unrar if necessary to get .FTF file (my files are zipped most of the times)
4.  Move the nAa kernel file to “Firmwares” folder which is present inside FlashTool folder. Unzip/unrar to get its .FTF; if necessary.
5. Move the Custom ROM zip file and GAPPS file to your SD CARD.
6. Take backup of your Data.
7. Now, Start the FlashTool.
8. Click the First Button “FLASH”. Then Select “FlashMode”. Then press “OK”.
9. You will be shown the choice present for your. (FlashTool loaded it from Firmware Folders)
10. Click ONCE on Correct Firmware File for your phone on First Side. Depending on that you will get option in Other dialog box.

11. On Other Side; Select “Kernel.sin”. Click it just once. Now be ready with cable. Turn OFF your phone.
12. Click “OK”. FlashTool will tell you to put your phone in FlashMode. Do it as shown by FlashTool.
13. Phone will land in FlashMode and then FlashTool will start Flashing it’s Kernel.
14. Wait, wait and wait. Phone will restart 2-3 times until FlashTool announces something like this at end;

15. For some seconds, your phone will show “nAa Kernel” at boot and then it will be dead. I am serious. This was the place where I lost my phone twice. But its just part of game.
16. Your phone will be either dead with a Charging Screen or Just Blank after flashing kernel. As previous ROM isn’t compatible with this new Kernel; it was supposed to happen. That is why I told you to put ROM etc on SD before starting.
17. Disconnect USB cable from phone. Remove the battery. Insert it back.
18. Press Power button. It shall start and announce nAa again. But this time, Press BACK BUTTON at logo to boot in CWM Recovery.
19. In recovery. Do WIPE Cache, Wipe battery, Wipe Dalvik, and Wipe Factory Data (whatever).
20. Go to Install Zip from SD Card. Browse to your ROM on SD CARD and Install it.
21. After it is complete. Again select Zip from SD >> Then Browse to GAPPS file something like “gabbs…” Install it too.
22. Select Restart System Now. First boot will take time.
23. Start phone twice. I bet first thing you will notice is Highly Sensitive Sensor and Speed.
24.  Enjoy; you got Custom ROM on Custom kernel.

Source: ijustutter.com