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3-Channel IR Relay Controller with user programmable IR commands for PIC12F629

This project is a 3 channel infrared (IR) remote controlled relay driver.  It works with 12-bit SIRC IR signals as used by Sony remote controls.
The controller also features the ability for the user to 'program' the commands it will respond to using  the IR remote control.   Each of the three relay channels can also be individually configured for either toggle or momentary switch action.
Although this project has been designed around the control of three relays, the PIC microcontroller can be incorporated in to any application where up to three logic level outputs are required to be remotely controlled.
The controller uses Microchip's low cost PIC12F629 microcontroller along with a handful of easy to find  components making it cheap and easy to construct.  Everything you need to know to build this project, including the firmware code is right here on the project page


Download schematic in PDF

The HEX file is ready to program straight into the PIC using a suitable PIC programmer, for example a PICkit2. 

Description Filename Download link

HEX file for 12F629 and 12F675 ready to program
3chlrnrem2975.HEX 15/09/2011
Conditions of use
checksum 0xE436

Source: picprojects.org.uk/projects/ir/3chlrc/