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Arduino board + Ethernet shield to control on / off the lamp

This fooling To test the Arduino board + Ethernet shield to control on / off the lamp.
Throughout the test Control of incandescent dimmer too.

Start by preparing the Hardware.
1. Arduino Uno R3
2. Ethernet (WIZnet 5100) + Micro SD card Shield.
3. DHT11
4. Relay Board
5. Dimmer Board
6. Switch Power supply

Schematic only by 



  Arduino with intuitive composition with the Software example to so many, I embarked Editing Software out to be unavailable, the Concept I structured it is between Android and Arduino to make data transfer UDP. Protocol because I never used to send TCP in a previous project, so I wanted to test some of the advantages UDP is viable. Speed ​​faster than TCP because it does not need it, and no information Check Sum Create Connection to data network running on a lot less. The disadvantage is that if the data via Network in the far distance. It will cause data loss and can not send the correct commands to the destination you.
Try it on your LAN have no problem.

Anyone interested can download

Arduino Code download here

2. Android App can be downloaded from here, let's play it.

Video demonstration on

More source