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How to setup font Khmer Unicode in your phone !!!!

You all need to ROOT your phone before you install font Khmer Unicode  i  knew you all knew how to ROOT your phone ready ask i show you in my post on web. so i show u all how to set font Khmer Unicode in your phone

 how to put font Khmer Unicode to any Android phones 

1- you need to install File Manager
2- you go setting of file Manager

3- you need to check box  on Root Explorer and  Mount System Folder


 4- you back to File Manager and copy Font Khmer Unicode that you have  in to your SDcard in to /system /font  them past it 
here is for SamSung Font Khmer Unicode
 Font Khmer Unicode
 Font Khmer Unicode
For SonyEricsson Xperia and JellyBean Font Khmer Unicode

All full font khmer  unicode for any androids phones

How to install  font Khmer Unicode with CWM mode

 1- You just copy  khmer Unicode in to ur SDcard then run CWM manager   to boot to recovery Mode   or reboot phone and press back key to go to CWM

2- get reboot in CWM then click back button till your phone show like below
3- then you chose  install zip from sdcard
4-  then choose Choose zip from internal sdcard.
5- so you find ur zip file then choose YES
6- after that you back to reboot ...till 
7- if you want switch Keyboard pls use MultiLing Keyboard download from Google Play 
8- enjoy

Font khmer Unicode for  SonyEricsson Xperia Arc S (ICS 4.0.3)

NOTE: This Font Khmer Unicode not support all phone !!
Warning : it may lost use your system !!!