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How to make a quadcopter?

2nd July, 2015
How to make a quadcopter?
Are you obsessed about making a quadcopter? Head on to our forum page where our members are trying to build a low cost quadcopter.

Circuit of the Day
Here is a simple circuit using different colour LEDs that makes your clock glow in different colours of rainbow.  

Video of the Day

This video will show how to identify basic electronic compnents

Job of the Day

Engineer at Honeywell

Engineer at Honeywell in Madurai

Interview of the Day

The Impact of the Internet of Things: 

This interview explores what it really means to design for the IoT.

Discussion of the Day

New to Robotics? 

Get various guidelines and tips for learning basics of robotics.
DoCircuits Circuit Simulator

Software Review for DoCircuits.

Add some fun along with soldering
6 DIYs For A Supersonic Soldering Station
Buying whole new accessories for your soldering station can burn your pocket. But, how about setting up your own amazing accessories for a fraction of the money? From our collection of DIYs, we bring to you six amazing guides that will turn your soldering station into a super tool! Happy making!

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8 Awesome Tips And Tutorial Videos On Soldering
Do you know how to Solder Iron from Graphite Pencil and Car Battery or how to solder a BGA chip with paint stripper? Are you looking for a video tutorial on basics of SMD Soldering or tutorial on Lead-free multi-lead soldering technique? Here bringing all of this and many more brilliant videos with various tips and tutorials on soldering. Enjoy! 
Searching Training Institutes In India?
Could not find the right Electronics training Institute? Don't search the old school way
Simple DIYs for Engineers
10 Free eBooks On Circuits
From understanding basic circuits to creating complex circuits, from analog to digital circuits, from designing circuits on PCs to circuits analysis, these free ebooks on electronics carries everything that you ever wanted to learn about circuits. Enjoy!

7 Free eBooks On Semiconductors!
Semiconductors are indispensable in electronics. So here are 7 free ebooks that will help you understand the basics to the principles of semiconductors - the soul of electronics. Bonne reading!

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