ROM-4.1.2 Galaxy S2 HD LTE E120L Only

 Android version: 4.1.2
Baseband version: E120LKLJMA2
Kernel version: Tegrak Kernel Build 46 for MA2
Build date: 3 july 2013
 1. SMS Mod: Fix sms + Enable Group SMS + Disable MMS auto conversion + Original time stamps + 1000 Recipient limit + Enable Save/Restore
2. Mod Phone Dialer + Enable call icon in call log, contact
3. Lidroid setting with 24 toggles + support toggle 2G/3G/Auto
4. Enable Ripple Effect on lockscreen + Ink effect + Large weather + 5 shortcut icon
5. Enable AOSP lockscreen + toggle vibrate + 5 shortcut icon + weather
6. Toggle Torch on lockscreen
7. Custom clock on status bar
8. Custom notification color
9. Custom statusbar color
10. Toggle to show/hide Alarm icon on statusbar
11. Toggle to show/hide Ime icon on statusbar
12. Selectable long press to kill apps
13. Selectable battery icon
14. Toggle brightness slider
15. Toggle wallpaper scrolling
16. Enable call/message block
17. Enable Smart stay
18. Enable Smart networks
19. Enable ticker infomation
20. Enable My call sound + Call vibrations + Call record enabling + Disabling ascending ringtone
21. Mod camera: Power and volume button as shutter + low battery alert disable + Use flash on low battery + Camcorder Better audio quality/video bitrate + ...
22. Gallery leak from Note 2
23. Enable Import/Export in calendars
24. Popup Browser leak from Note
25. S4 weather + transparent
26. SVNRom Addons: Custom Ink effect + Notification panel toggles + Ad block + Data network settings + Network mode
27. S4 icon + 3D Toggles
28. Enable Multiwindow + S4 Flashbar + Unlimited Multiwindow apps
29. Support init.d
30. Custom bootanimation
31. Music control
32. Take screen shot on power menu + 4 way to reboot
33. Disabling scrolling cache across OS
34. 0,00 KB/s meter when connect wifi and 3G
35. Home button and lockscreen button at left and right on statusbar 
 How to install:
 1. Backup your phone and copy my ROM to storage
2. Full wipe
3. Back to stock ROM 4.1.2 E120LKLJMA4. If you don't have, DOWNLOAD HERE
4. Install CWM >5.xx. If you don't have. DOWNLOAD HERE (Thanks socim and don't rename tar.md5 file, It will make fail when odin checking MD5)
5. Install my ROM via CWM
6. Full wipe again because in some case clock will be FC when phone start 
ROM: Google driver

Thanks to:
Mirko_ddd, loserskater, Didact74, shoman94, majdinj, OsamaGhareeb, jovy23, lidroid, wanam, bbs community, kmokhtar79, bingobingobingo, jobnik