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There is a case for Xperia T and Xperia S,P etc. phones, this phones run ICS but don't have android's native restore with adb, Sony has added a own custom "Backup&Restore" app, the script handles this cases too, just choose the correct option!

Sony Mobile - Xperia Go

Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v17: Click

Have fun with it and if you like you can donate to me

1.) Download attached file.
2.) Extract it using 7zip
3.) Double click the RunMe.bat and follow instructions!
Xperia phones = Normal mode
Sony Tablet and similar = Special mode

Updated to v2 windows&linux! (thanks kamistral for the Unix port )
Updated to v3 (no unix script included yet, sorry no time!) - Included Sony Tablet S mode thanks WonderEkin for helping me out there!
Updated to v4 - On many requests i added a unroot option
Updated to v5 - Other renamed to Normal, Xperia T integrated to Normal-Mode, adjusted wait-for-device time to atleast 10 seconds etc...
Updated to v6 - Made it even more simple Checks itself for Xperia S, P etc etc and switches modes automatically. So only 3 modes left: Normal, Tablet S and unroot.
Updated to v7 - Fixed some scripting errors & added some more output!
Updated to v8 - Fixed very very stupid scripting error!
Updated to v9 - Fixed another bug (thanks maxrfon) & Added automatic stat for Backup&Restore on special Sony devices like LT26,LT22 ...
Updated to v10 - Just updated Superuser app and su binary
Updated to v11 - Added sync to Special mode, thanks to smokey_joe
Updated to v12 - Added ric for Xperia T, device will not reboot anymore on system remount + Full Unix script (thanks codeworkx for port)
Updated to v13 - Fixed selfmade bugs -.-
Updated to v14 - Fixed several Unix bugs, added support for more devices with RIC, no more reboot issues on this devices after remounting system partition to RW
Updated to v14_2 - Just a fix for Unix SH script (thanks to shadyabhi)
Updated to v15 - Fixed "lagging devices", just re-root a lagging device and it will be fine
Updated to v16 - Added a 10 second delay before reboot (needed for some devices!)
Updated to v17 - Added more settings to local.prop, hopefully it will work on some more phones now!

Normal Mode will not wipe any other data, dont worry!
Special Mode CAN wipe your data, Rollback SHOULD restore, but to be sure backup you data somehow!

Xperia T Firmware .195 is not rootable sorry!
This is same for other Sony devices with new Firmware like .2.55
Sony fixed the bug in current firmwares and so we have no chance with this particular method!

Confirmed devices:
Sony Xperia : S, T, P , Acro S, Ion , Tipo , Tablet S, Go, Sola, U
Google: Nexus 7 [UK Firmware] (thanks Paul O'Brien for test) [seems some firmwares to work and some don't, as i dont have this device myself i would appreciate reports with FW-versions]
XTouch: X401
Jiayu G2-S thanks txakar
LG: P705 thanks mariolcneto, P7510 thanks fdothivanka
HTC: One S thanks sebagsm, Sensation XL [ICS 4.03] thanks Koate via PM, Sprint's OTA ICS update on Evo3D seems incompatible, Desire S thanks to Krayt via PM
Kyocera: Rise & Hydro thanks jmztaylor
Samsung: Galaxy S2 thanks danroob
Some more
Ainol: Novo 7 Tornado 7 thanks anoperson
Prestigio: MultiPad PMP5197D 9.7 ULTRA thanks logofreax
HDC: I9300 S3 clone thanks PMmshprojects

Additional info for SONY 2012 Owners:
If your STOCK ROM does not have preinstalles Sony's Backup&Restore app please visit arielhezi thread, it may help you:

Source form : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1886460